IMPACT 2025 – Topsector T&U Innovation Prize 2023

In 2023, the fifth edition of the presentation of the Top Sector Horticulture & Starting Materials (Topsector T&U) #impact2025 International Innovation Prize will take place.
In this fifth anniversary edition, the theme of health will take centre stage, with a special focus on innovations that promote healthier eating and living, and how Horticulture & Starting Materials is helping achieve climate goals. The solutions and innovations that work towards or contribute to these areas are eligible for the award.


The Dutch horticultural sector is facing a number of challenges affecting its own future when it comes to innovation. However, innovation is also a crucial component for a healthy future, whether it concerns healthier eating or a more health-conscious living environment. Both aspects lead to improved well-being and are essential for the future. For this reason, contributions in any form that boost health are at the heart of this edition of the Innovation Prize.

  • New horticultural products (plant species, varieties, cultivation methods, etc.) that add value in terms of health.
  • Approaches and technologies aimed at extracting the essence of "health" from plants, thereby fostering the concept of green pharma.
  • Solutions and concepts that activate people to eat more plant-based food.
  • Solutions and concepts that activate people to use plants more to make the living and working environment more liveable.
  • Innovations that create extra value and are linked to health and quality of life in the plant chain (bulbs, trees, flowers, plants, vegetables or fruit).
  • Greenery in the city and living room for oxygen and well-being.

To answer these challenges, it’s essential that the horticultural sector, as a supplier of the 'plant', starts forging partnerships with other sectors such as healthcare, food, landscape design, high-tech, etc. (cross-sectoral innovations).


The IMPACT&U Innovation Prize is the usual ward for startup companies, but we’re looking for ideas to break the mould... including concepts that are still being ‘incubated’ mentally. For this reason, you can also participate with your idea in the Horticulture TUx this year. Pitch your idea, and find a company who will take it onboard.



It is this very interaction with society that plays such a crucial role in enhancing appreciation for horticulture in the Netherlands. By working together, we can cultivate more understanding and sympathy. To do this, we need to tell our story more often, listen to those around us, and clarify what we’re doing to make society healthier and greener.

If you’re an ambassador for the horticultural sector, then link hands with us, use this toolkit, and share your ideas to inspire others running businesses.

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Jury 2023 edition

Naam Bedrijf Functie Profiel LinkedIn
Harrij Schmeitz IMPACT2025 Voorzitter Jury Industryexpert View profile
Cathy van Beek GroentenFruit Huis Voorzitter AGF & Health View profile
Kees Rijnhout Jaguar, Future Food Fund CEO Handel Groeten en Fruit | Ondernemer en investeerder View profile
Dewi Hartkamp SIGN GlastuinbouwNL Programme manager Gezond & Geluk View profile
Winnaar 2022 Vertigo CEO Technology, Winnaar 2022
Mark-Jan Terwindt Royal Anthos Directeur GezondBloembollen / Boomteelt
Martin Houben Boomkwekerij Udenhout CEO Boomkwekerij View profile
Gerben Ravensbergen Lilies of Life Owner / CEO Bloemen teelt – RvC Flora Holland View profile
Sara Smaal Aeres Hogeschool Research Fellow / Onderzoeker Stedelijke Voedselvraagstukken Tuin & Landschap View profile
Richard Harisson Wagening UR Managing Director, Plant Science Group Plant View profile
Jan van Rijsingen Van Rijsingen Owner / CEO Lid Topteam A & F View profile

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