TUx Innovation Pitches

We’re looking for pitches that will reinforce the innovative power of Horticulture Netherlands in the field of health and the living environment.



Pitches of ideas on how horticulture can unlock the benefits of plants and their fruits to improve health and create a more liveable society.

Here’s a list of some possibilities (non-limited, if you have a better idea, please send it in)

  • New product ideas and services that lead to plants being used to boost health, both as food and as an element of the living environment.
  • New product ideas with more healthy ingredients.
  • Methods to improve quality retention in the value chain, so that fewer healthy ingredients are lost.
  • Methods of using plants in the living and working environment in a way that makes these environments heathier.
  • Innovative ideas to tell our Health-Happiness story.


Participants could win a pitch readiness training programme from World Startup.

Pitch Creation 26 October 14:00 - 17:00 Online Frank Smallegange
Pitch practice for speakers 2 November 14:00 - 17:00 Wageningen Frank Smallegange
Final Event 9 November Wageningen


The award ceremony will take place in Wageningen on 9 November during a special event.


The pitches will be given on the main stage on 9 November 2023 during the ImpactT&U 2023 Event in Wageningen.


Participants whose pitches are selected will present their ideas on the main stage on 9 November 2023 during the ImpactT&U 2023 Event in Wageningen.

Criteria Pitches

An expert jury will evaluate the entries according to the following criteria:

  • The characteristics of the approach and solution aimed at the horticultural sector promoting health and the living environment.
  • Originality and innovative nature;
  • Potential economic and social impact (sustainability and circularity);

Entries will be judged in two rounds. A maximum of 10 participants will be shortlisted after the first round, and will have a chance of winning the jury and audience prizes.

A jury prize will be awarded to the nominated pitches. This will be decided during the pitch at the event:

  • Guidance by one of the Innovation Brokers at Top Sector Horticulture & Starting Materials on presenting the idea to the business community (5 days, worth €5,000). From idea to reality.
  • An Innovation Workshop with the Innovation Broker, to elaborate the idea with companies.
  • Media exposure via KAS Magazine worth €1,500.

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