Synergie MEET-UP Cyber Security

Synergie MEET-UP Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is essential for Horticulture & Starting Materials, Agri & Food, but not exclusive to this Top Sector. Is there a difference between cybersecurity for a greenhouse versus an office? Is there a difference in security in sensors in healthcare and horticulture? Is there a difference in cybersecurity for Agri chains versus the Energy chain? The Top Sector T&U therefore wants to participate in the design of a joint R&D program within the CS4NL Program. A budget of €500,000 from the TKI T&U budget from the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Agriculture, Water and Food 2020-2023 (KIA LWV) has been reserved for this approach.

We would like to invite you, together with the Top Sector Agri & Food, to discuss the theme with us on April 4 and investigate where there is support for participation in the Top Sectors T&U, A&F. Based on this, we can properly organize the call for proposals and initiate the formation of a small consortium.

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12.30 uur Reception with a sandwich
13.00 uur
Start program with welcome speech by chairman Harrij Schmeitz
Program Manager IMPACT T&U
13.15 uurCyber Risk Management

Cyber risks; What is it about. The opportunities for a joint approach for solutions (CS4NL)

Eddy Boot, Director Dcypher
13.45 uurCyber resilience center Greenport Westland

Cyber resilience in horticultural practice, where are we?

Michelle Holthuizen, Program Coordinator
Ruud Hoosemans, program manager Digitalization GroentenFruitHuis and coalition member Cyber Resilience Center Greenport
14.15 uurSafety and Security for Industrial Control Systems

When it comes to Industrial Control Systems, or so-called Operation Technologies (OT), classical security paradigms from Information Technologies (IT) are not always directly applicable. In particular, IT security approaches may fail to address strict real-time and availability requirements that are instead paramount in OT. In this talk we will explore state-of-the-art cyber-attack detection methods specifically designed for Industrial Control System applications.

Riccardo M.G. Ferrari is an Associate Professor at the Delft Center for Systems and Control.
14.45 uur PAUSE

15.15 uur

Roundtables – discussion in 3 groups about the needs regarding cyber research for T&U in the following themes:

Cybersecurity & Sensory in greenhouse and on land
This theme has a lot of overlap with security in this context for building and infrastructure sensors.
Workshop leader:  Annie van Riet – AVAG

Cybersecurity & Editing and Processes
This theme has a lot of overlap with security for machines used in all sectors.
Workshop leader: Provided by FME

Cybersecurity & Data Transfer Chains
We know this theme as T&U, but it also plays a role in the chains for energy, water, etc. What are the CS issues here?
Workshop leader: Sener Celik  – Join Data

16.15 uur

Recap outcome Roundtables
16.45 uurEnd of the program with a snack and a drink

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