Meetup Future Crops

Meetup Future Crops


Plant breeding essentially consists of creating new genetic variation, and selecting offspring with the desired combination of traits. In recent years, the toolbox of plant breeders has grown enormously. In this MeetUp, we will take a closer look at frontier developments in creation of new genetic variation and the use of big data in selection. We do so together with our keynote speaker, an outside in perspective from animal breeding, and two expert panels from the plant breeding community.


12:30 – Welcome with lunch

13:30 – Prof. Avraham Levy (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel): Targeted recombination for precise plant breeding

14:15 – Dialogue with the audience and with expert panel consisting of Henk Schouten (Wageningen Research), Rob Dirks (Managerial Genetics Consulting), and Jan van den Berg (BASF Vegetable Seeds)

15:10 – Short tea break

15:30 – Prof. Roel Veerkamp (Numerical Genetics & Genomics, Wageningen University): Use of big data in breeding and selection – experiences from the livestock industry

16:00 – Dialogue with the audience and with expert panel (names to be confirmed)

16:15 – Networking and drinks until 18:00


  • What possibilities do seed companies see to apply directed recombination in their breeding programs? What kind of results can we then expect?
  • Which barriers still stand in the way of practical application? What is needed to remove these barriers?
  • What can plant breeders learn from how animal breeders deal with big data at both genotype and phenotype levels?


Clemens Stolk, Program Manager News Plants for New Demands


September 3rd 2019, World Horti Center, Europa 1, 2672 ZX  Naaldwijk, Westland

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