MeetUp New Tech

MeetUp New Tech


Eruption of technology ; disruption of our cultivation?

The world of technology has reached an enormous acceleration. In addition, technology and one vision of technology become available from “techies” outside the traditional hortitech playing field. In the MeetUp “Eruption of technology; disruption of our cultivation & business? ” we look at the vision of these “outsiders” on the impact on cultivation, sales and supply in Dutch horticulture.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

– Sir Arthur C. Clarke


12:30 – Walk in with lunch

 – Introduction by chairman Harrij Schmeitz, Techology Pull

13:35 – Keynote Rob Trice – agrifoodtech investor at Better Food Ventures and the founder of The Mixing Bowl  – ‘The changing field of technology innovation in Horticulture’
The world of technological innovation in horticulture is no longer a world where Dutch horticulture has the exclusive right. We see more and more innovations coming from new entrants in this market and / or from spearhead developments in other countries. The question is whether that is bad, but also what that means for Dutch Horticulture from a technology, cultivation and trade perspective. Rob Trice provides an overview of developments in the world market domain. He also gives his vision on how the Netherlands can remain ‘in the lead’ in this development.

14:15 – Ton Wallast – Chief Financial Officer Priva – ‘Different Thinking’
Rapid technological developments bring new opportunities, business models and opportunities for collaboration. You will have to respond to this in order to remain successful. But what does that mean for your financial column? What is their (new) role in this changing world, which increasingly demands ‘fast & roughly right’ instead of ‘precise & slow’. Where it is more about business development and scenario planning and less about budgeting and control. Ton Wallast, Chief Financial Officer at Priva, gives you his vision on how Dutch Horticultural techcompanies should respond to this.

 – Discussion with speakers and a number of guests about what is needed within the Dutch domain to keep the Netherlands top-of-the-business in this. Where are the opportunities and where are the obstacles?

  • Ton Wallast, PRIVA
  • Bas Lagerwerf, Van de Berg Hortimotive/AVAG
  • Marcel van Haren, FME
  • Willem Endhoven, Topsector HighTech
  • Toon Hermans, DemCon
  • Rogier de Graaf, Webflight

15:15 – Break

15:45 – Harrij Schmeitz – owner of Techology Pull – Technoloy: more than growing differently? From technical innovation towards system innovation?

16:05 – Discussion about which system innovation is necessary to make de Dutch horticulture suitable for new technology.

  • Kees van Rooij, kwekerij De Naulanden – paprika and cucumber grower
  • Gerben Ravensbergen, Lily’s of Life – lily grower
  • Mike Poodt, Rijk Zwaan, coördinator digital crop technology
  • Johan Kreeft, Gearbox Innovations, founder & R&D-manager
  • Pieter Hogeveen, The Greenery BV – manager Innovation
  • Richard Vialle, CCO, Crux Agribotics

16:45  – Networking & drinks till 18:00


  • The Netherlands has a strong position in technology in horticulture, but can we maintain it?
  • There are technological innovations, but why do they break through so little?
  • Is the Dutch cultivation system suitable, ready, for applying more technology?
  • What is the impact of technology on the chain?


Harrij Schmeitz, CEO/Owner


October 10th 2019, World Horti Center, Europa 1, 2672 ZX  Naaldwijk (The Netherlands)

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