Matchmaking Innovation Prize 2021

De deelnemende startups aan de Innovation Prize zijn op zoek naar partners en/of ondersteuning op een bepaald domein. Op deze pagina treft u een overzicht aan van de bedrijven, korte omschrijving wat ze doen en de hulpvraag die ze hebben.

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We have developed an energy saving greenhouse, able to run climate neutral, semi-closed and with high CO2 fertilization levels, combined with a process to circulate organic waste into substrate and fertilizer for greenhouses. We use soap bubbles to offer you unprecedented insulation combined with high light transmission.

We are looking for innovative greenhouse builders that want to expand their product offering with a proven carbon neutral greenhouse design.

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Blossom Microbial Technologies has developed a digital microbiome platform that allows for restoring the biodiversity of beneficial microorganisms. It uses this technology to improve plant survival and development during propagation.

We are looking for propagators using our technology to increase their margins by boosting rooting while cutting down losses.



CE-Line BV

CE-Line helps automated water and nutrient management, based on realtime measurements, therefore making a new growing system possible. Optimal irrigation water at all times, specific for the plant demand, controlled by the AI of climate computers.

We are looking for innovative growers and system suppliers to work with us on optimising their irrigation systems.



DiMuto is a AgriFood Trade Solution that unifies product, document and payment data in one single platform, creating end-to-end visibility across global food supply chains. We help AgriFood Business Leaders get business intelligence they need to make informed, efficient and sustainable decisions for their companies and the global food system.

We are looking for international grower-exporters keen to explore the opportunities of transforming their trade operations with visibility for the purposes of market access, branding and trade financing.

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GreenPod Labs

Extending shelf life of fresh produce at ambient temperature by using 100% natural ingredients to minimise food waste in the farm to fork supply chain.

We are looking for a tomato trader/exporter to do a pilot with in order to explore how we can expand the produce's shelf life.



We use nano-photonics technologies derived from the building and aerospace industries in order to apply them to the greenhouse industry so that it may consume less energy and reduce its carbon footprint.

We are looking for greenhouse growers that want test and experiment with our innovative energy reducing screens.

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InsectSense BV

InsectSense is a technological start-up that builds technologies inspired by insects, to provide relevant solutions in the fields of agri-food and health.

We are looking for companies that use beneficial insects for pest control and also greenhouse farmers, who want to detect plant diseases at an early stage by applying the incredible smell sense of bees.


Nieuwe Warmte

Nieuwe Warmte specializes in developing sustainable innovations in the field of energy and materials applications, including: heat batteries, renewable electrical generator systems and greenhouse systems.

We are looking for an innovative grower who wants to further optimize his energy system using his water reservoirs as batteries and who wants to optimize that system together with us through a pilot.



SOLHO is a high-tech company based in Delft, leveraging more than 30 years of experience of its team in the power and solar industry. At SOLHO, we have developed SPRHOUT a solar thermal energy system generating heating and/or cooling to cover the energy needs of industrial processes with a focus on greenhouse farms.

We are looking for developers of greenhouse farms and greenhouse growers who are interested in lowering the environmental footprint of their facilities.


Thermeleon B.V.

At Thermeleon, our ambition is to enable climate-neutral horticulture by providing sustainable heating and cooling for every grower.

We are looking for a greenhouse builder who wants to conduct pilots together with some of their innovative customers to further refine our business case.