Corvus Drones BV

The autonomous flying greenhouse drone is combining robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence technology. The drone at itself is an integration of unique navigation software (embedded and cloud), low level control software (off the shelve, open source), electronics (battery, load balancer), sensors (RGB camera) and hardware (3D print). For growers it saves costs and is the base for data gathering (for example autonomous growing).




Planthunters is a B2B platform that brings together the three links (grower, exporter and retailer) within the floriculture sector. The platform focuses on novelties and ensures the most efficient information flow possible. With the data collected (price and segmentation data), the grower can optimally market his products!



CE-Line BV

Real-time nutrient measurements in the irrigation and drain water gives the opportunity to daily change the irrigation water to the ‘needed’ individual nutrient concentrations. Automated water and nutrient management with Celine makes a new growing system possible. Optimal irrigation water at all times, specific for the plant demand, controlled by the AI of climate computers.




We use nano-photonics technologies derived from the building and aerospace industries in order to apply them to the greenhouse industry so that it may consume less energy and reduce its carbon footprint.




We utilize thermal AI on mobile phones to detect thermal anomalies at the grocery store level. This data is sent back to the distributors/growers to close the loop on food waste. By understanding microclimates at the end of the supply chain, we can influence with ripening and sales methodologies, preventing the most wast possible.



Inno Trench B.V.

The Aerator-800 extracts nutrition from surface water with the aim of prevent (blue)algae blooms without the use of any chemical components.

InsectSense BV

Our flagship product, BeeSense can have a substantial impact in the horticulture sector by letting key stakeholders detect 1) crop diseases at an early stage 2) food wastage due to pathogen contamination, pest infestation and food adulateration. With valorizing nature based solutions, we are attempting to bring in a sustainable detection solution that also is inline with the climate and environmental sustainability goals of the Dutch and the EU horticulture sector.



Wolkus Technology Solutions Private limited (Fasal)

Fasal is an AI powered IoT platform which synthesises farm level data coming from IoT devices, image oriented data, crop science and machine learning algorithms to provide farm level, crop specific and crop stage specific actionable intelligence for horticulture crops. With the help of Fasal's intelligence, growers can improve farm productivity as well as optimise their inputs.



All horticultural products have to be transported to factories, processing plants or distribution centers to eventually end up at consumer markets. Currently, the logistics sector is one of the more polluting sectors of the Netherlands (and the world) and every percent of fuel saved corresponds to 1 metric ton of CO2 in emissions saved. Using the NEXTdriver coaching solution, a larger amount of horticultors will become environmentally friendly and can show a reduced emission footprint to their clients. Besides that, drivers become more relaxed and traffic safety improves.


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Our contribution to cross-border innovation is that we connect the grower with the consumption phase of the product. Looking just at shelf life tests, this is usually is done at a fixed location, like at Royal Flora Holland, WUR or FlowerWatch, we make this is plug-and-play set that can be sold and used globally.



The very essence of Space4Fauna’s proposition in helping apple growers to transition to novel, regenerative farming practices is founded on cross-border innovation and collaboration resulting in a farmer-friendly application platform. Using globally scalable technologies such as remote sensing, AI and big data platforms tested and developed in adjacent sectors as well as state of the art scientific databases and expertise on regenerative horticulture, we drive cross-border innovation, commercialisation and knowledge dissemination across Europe focusing on early prediction and prevention of pests & diseases in apple orchards.



Mavuno Technologies

Mavuno Technologies is an AgTech-Startup with a satellite imagery and machine learning powered mobile app for African cashew farmers.



Fresh.Lands brings an innovative and disruptive model to the food industry by developing a digital platform to shorten the journey from farm to table. With our just-in-time model, instead of months it takes just a few days from harvest to delivery. By cutting out 3 - 5 middlemen, farmers secure 20 - 50 % more value, consumers get fresher, tastier products, and the environmental footprint is reduced.



ClearLeaf uses patent-pending technology, organic certified in the EU and Japan, to provide a line of nox-toxic fungicides and bactericides for agricultural use. ClearLeaf currently has pre and post-harvest solutions for coffee, banana, pineapple, multiple vegetables, tubers, sugar cane, melons, papaya, coconut, strawberries, flowers, and many more.


NW - BufferBooster

Nieuwe Warmte is a company that is specialised is sustainable innovations. Amon this innovations are:
- Heat batteries
- Renewable electrical generator systems
- Low head hydropower systems
- Greenhouse systems (energy supply)One of our projects is keeping the WarmCO2 system (heat and CO2 supply system between industry and 125Ha of greenhouses} operational




OneThird has developed a method to predict shelf-life of fresh produce using an optical scanner together with AI algorithms and a smart Quality Management System (QMS). The system can be integrated in existing quality procedures. Through the ability of our online QMS platform to perform tests and share and compare this real-time information throughout the supply chain we give decision power to growers, distributors and retailers to get the right product to the right place at the right time. Resulting in increasing efficiencies, saving millions of euros and preventing more than 1/3 of their food waste!


NW - Reservoir Battery

The project is a new way to use rainwater storage from greenhouses to store and generate electricity. With this project greenhouses electrical energy systems will be more flexible, less depending on outside suppliers of energy, generate more turnover en reduce their carbon footprint.



Nordetect ApS

Nordetect produces analytical equipment for the rapid, on-site analysis of nutrients in water, soil, and plant sap. We help growers and advisors optimize fertilizer feeding recipes for more effective water management and conservation.
The underlying technology is a cross-border innovation that combines microfluidics, chemistry, nanotechnology, and computer vision and machine learning.


Ecozen Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Ecofrost- Solar Cold Storage

Ecozen offers a solar powered cold room(Ecofrost) for post harvest management in horticulture. It is a pioneering product in the cold chain space that enables both pre-cooling and storage of perishables to preserve their freshness and maximize shelf life. It comes with a unique battery-less back-up system that provides cooling for several non-sunny hours and even on the next day. Main contribution by Ecozen is a cold storage product for horticulture with sustainable energy source and latest IoT & analytics features.



Thermeleon B.V.

At Thermeleon, our ambition is to enable climate-neutral horticulture by providing sustainable heating and cooling for every grower. Our product – the Thermeleon Heat Battery – is a new type of screening system with thermal energy storage with Phase Change Material (PCM) that improves the energy-efficiency of greenhouses by strategically reusing the excess heat during the day-night cycle. The cross-border application of PCM is already proven to be successful in the built environment to reduce the energy demand and is now ready to be implemented in the horticulture sector.



At SOLHO, we have developed SPRHOUT the most effective renewable based solution to power greenhouse farms. SPRHOUT uses the sun as an input to generate all the energy needs required to operate a greenhouse farm: heating, and cooling.



GreenPod Labs

Extending shelf life of fresh produce at ambient temperature using 100% natural ingredients to minimise food waste in the farm to fork supply chain.


Be-Bots GmbH

Be-Bots (robot developer) partnered up with GROWx (vertical farm) to create the world’s first fully automated, zero-waste vertical farm to provide sustainable and tasteful food and make a positive impact on our global food chain.




We have developed a sustainable food loop; an energy saving greenhouse, able to run climate neutral, semi-closed and with high CO2 fertilization levels, combined with a process to circulate organic waste into substrate and fertilizer for greenhouses.


Intello Labs

Our products brings the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology for improving quality assaying across the horticulture value chain from growers to food processors to retailers. It enables bring transparency and objectivity into the entire process to achieve fair pricing and reduce food loss across the globe.




We believe now more than ever, the food production should get closer to the consumers with transparent procedures and food security without food miles and food waste. FarmVent contributes by innovating in the field vertical farming by providing hyper fresh herbs and leafys, improving sustainability in the chain (through less transport), improving food hazards and safety in the chain (through Machine Learning and data science), all through a hyper-local fully automated vertical farming system based in controlled environment agriculture.



We are coming from nano and MEMS research TUDelft. We feel that sensors (cheap, reliable and accurate) can improve quality and reduce the usage of water, crop protection and energy in Horticulture. we apply our knowledge in the field of nano/MEMS solutions to improving our food system.




DiMuto is a AgriFood Trade Solutions Platform that simplifies global AgriFood Trade. From produce, trade to market, DiMuto provides end-to-end visibility of global food supply chains, down to every single product and carton for every single order, giving AgriFood business leaders the ability to better manage their complex international operations, across traditionally siloed departments and different stakeholders. To do this, DiMuto combines technology such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence to create a single platform that provides data visibility and enable AgriFood business leaders to solve the many challenges of navigating today's global food landscape such as access to trade finance and compliance of sustainable practices.


Blossom Microbial Technologies BV

The plant microbiome is increasingly recognised to contribute to plant yields, yet has remained to date a blackbox unamendable for improvement. To solve this conendrum, we have built a novel approach combining IT, microbiology and plant physiology. Building on years of research on microbiome in Prof. Jousset's lab at University of Utrecht, we have developed a digital microbiome platform allowing to selectively boost native beneficial microorganisms in the horticulture. This technology combines artificial intelligence, computer simulation and plant-microbe interaction to automatically generate blueprints on how to restore microbiome biodiversity in the horticulture. We currently use this approach to improve propagation and make plants resistant against diseases